Telstra Connect

Quick Access Widgets for Telstra Connect app for iOS, Android

UX Flows, UI designs, IxD

A widget for an app may look like a 'nice to have' extension but when it extends the capabilities of your native device - with the features that the operating system does not offer, it redefines the user experience, where 'form follows function'. With the ask from Telstra, to have an easier way for doing simple tasks, we went one step further and put the most necessary features into users' fingertips without the necessity of launching the app.

The Connect Widget extends the native call control options with the Call Transfer feature. Users can transfer one caller to a second party directly from the widget.

With the Move Call option, calls can be transferred from any device to the mobile device using one tap. Users can also move the call from mobile to any other device using the same feature.

The Settings button is available for quick access to Call Settings and much more.

The Connect widget is supported on iOS 10+, Android 6, 7. For Android, these features are also available as a persistent notification.