Feature rich self-care app, including Billing & Payment, Troubleshooting, Contact pages

UX Flows, UI designs, Interactive Prototype

Feature Rich Self Care App providing account management experience to TWC subscribers and enables TWC to reduce support costs and increase revenues while improving customer loyalty, reducing churn and complying with legislation.


With 4.5 million total unique downloads and 700K monthly active users, MyTWC app lets 50% of active users to make payment through the app and leads 410K of payment transactions every month. In 6 months after the launch, it generated $400K revenue for Time Warner Cable.Key features including Billing and Payment, Troubleshooting, Activation, Upgrade/Buy Flow, EZ Connection and Equipment Activation, Talk to TWC, Live Chat, Virtual Agent, Account Management and VoiceZone : A softphone client where you can access your home phones from your mobile devices anywhere.

App Store: MyTWC
Google Play: MyTWC